Part 1 Listening(第一部分听力)

I.Listening Comprehension(共30分)

A. Listen and choose the right picture: (6分).

1. Ben and Jack are riding horses in the field.

2. Will peter take part in a table tennis match next Friday?

3.A small group of students lined up to get on the bus.

4. It’s Bill’s first time to take a train all by himself.

5.Jimmy likes to read stories about space, doesn’t he?

6.Although he is always busy delivering mails, Henry never complains.

B. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear(10分).

7. -Were you here in May?

-Not really. In fact, I arrived in June.

Q: When did the woman arrive?

8. -Good afternoon, sir? Can Ihelp you?

- Well, actually I am looking for a mobile phone for my daughter.

Q: Who is the man buying a mobile phone for?

9. - Hello, Lucy, are you the youngest in your class?

- No, I’m thirteen. Bruce is twelve, one year younger than me.

Q: How old is Bruce?

10. - What a big zoo! Do you know where the lions are?

- They’re over there, next to the elephants. Be careful with the naughty


Q: What animal does the man want to see?

11. - Why didn’t you drive, Alex?

- Well, I’ve sold my car.

-Oh, is that because you are getting a new one?

- No, it’s because there is too much traffic on the road. I’ve decided to live without a car.

Q: Why did Alex sell his car?

12. - How are you feeling today, Linda?

- Much better, thanks. The doctor says I can go back home in one week.

Q: Where is Linda now?

13. - Thank you for taking me to this restaurant, Danny, it’s the best meal I’ve

ever had.

- Glad you like it, but I still like the cakes you make best.

- Thank you. Tomorrow you’ll have the chance to try my cakes again.

Q: What will the woman probably do for Danny tomorrow?

14. - It’s too hot these days, and I can hardly sleep at night, Ibought an electric

fan yesterday.

- The Weather Forecast says rainy days will come soon, and the temperature

will fall down.

- Are you kidding me, I can’t believe it.

Q: What are the speakers mainly talking about?

C. Listen to the passage and tell whether thefollowing statements are true or false(6分).

Man: Hello, Amy, you’ve done really well in English.

Woman: Thank you, Tom.

Man: How do you manage to do so well? Do you stay up late at night to learn?

Woman: No, not a chance. I need mysleep.

Man: So, what do you do then?

Woman: I listen to the radio.

Man: How can that possibly help?

Woman: Well, the programs I listen to are British and American.

Man: I see. How do you find out about them?

Woman: Well, one day I was on my computer, and I found a British video website. I couldn’t believe my luck when I find I could listen online even sofar away in China.

Man: Do you listen to music channels or talk channels?

Woman: I think talk channels are better because they give me better listening practice.

Man: Can you understand them better now?

Woman: Well, of course. Progress is slow, but yes, I think I understand more than before, and my English is getting better all the time.

Man: I really like to improve my English too. I am going to look on the Internet tonight to find some programs I like. Thank you Amy.

D. Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks(10分).

Dear friends

Please join us in our yearly walk for charity.

We’ll start from Garden Street .You and your friends are all warmly welcome.

Please read the directions we offered carefully.Especially if you need transport to and from Garden Street ,just come along on the day with your friends.The money raised will be used to build a Children’s bookshop in our town.It is better to wear old shoes .

You need to wear comfortable shoes for walking .If rain is forecast, prepare for all possible events.Maps will be available from the starting point. Signs will be posted along the road.

To be safe ,Walkers should keep to one side in the singleline at all times.If you need help along the road,let our volunteers know as soon as possible.A bus will be waiting at the finishing line to take walkers back to Garden Street.It will leave every half hour ,starting at mid-day.The service is free, and there is no need to book , thank you .




我们归纳和分析了2010-2016T/F 的听力文章和考点,如下:

大家发现,近5年上海中考听力T/F模块从话题到文章难度到出题点都没有大的变化。基本可以很肯定地预测到:2017年中考听力T/F 模块内容和出题点同上表!






T15. My aunt and uncle sent me a bottle of honey as a birthday present last year.

T16. The smell of my hair attracted lots of bees when I went outside.

?17. I jumped into my neighbor’s swimming pool tostay away from the bees.

?18. When I climbed out of the pool, the bees were still flying around.

?19. My aunt and uncle wrote me a letter and apologized to me.

T20. This is a story about my unforgettable birthday present.




I'm ready ! 我们忍不住为今年中考命题人击掌、点赞!




I am ready to be a politecitizen.


I am ready to be a writer ofSchool Newspaper.


I am ready tolive in a healthy way


I am ready togive my father an unforgettable present


I am ready to make my parents laugh

I am ready tokeep a pet

I am ready to add colors to my family


I am ready to be a volunteer.


I am ready to say thanks to my friend.

I am ready to say sorry to my mother.

I am ready to show my smile to tough days.


I am ready to say “cheer up”

I am ready to say “never give up”




1. 个人情况

2. 日常活动

3. 兴趣与爱好

4. 计划与安排

5. 家庭、朋友、周围的人

6. 学校生活

7. 人际交往




I’m ready!

By 中考英语教研组任瑞蕊

Are you a person who always likes to get ready for everything? Do you often make a full preparation for something before doing? I am such a guy due to anunforgettable experience.

I still remember it was a final exam, I had been playing all day before it, believing that I am clever enough to get a high score,however, the result was very awful. From then on, I know if you want to succeed, the most important thing is to get ready for it.

Therefore, during the last whole year, I devote all my time to reviewing my lessons. The only reason is that I know there isn’t a lucky dog in the world, and on the way to success, hardworking is thekey.





亮点四:be +adj.+enough to do sth. 足够…做某事



亮点七:devote one’s time (in)to…把…奉献给…


I’m ready!

By 中考英语教研组杨洋

As far as I’m concerned, everyone needs help and it’s time to get ready to help others. I’m readyto give my helping hand to my desk-mate who is poor at math.

First, I will teach him them ethods of solving math problems and help him with problems that he can’t work out. In addition, I will also encourage him whenever he loses his heart.

As the saying goes, you share rose and get fun. I wish everyone could give out his helping hand. I’m ready to give out mine, are you ready?


亮点一:开头以高分词组“as far as I’m concerned”引出个人观点,并巧用强调句及从句,明确表达了自己准备好帮助他人的总论点。

亮点二:中间段落运用first, in addition等连接词,将具体帮助他人的步骤较清晰地呈现。



I’m ready!

By 中考英语教研组郭芳

Summer holiday is coming, all my classmates are preparing to have a wonderful holiday, including me. I am ready to go to BeiDaihe, the seaside holiday resort, for swimming and having agood time on the seaside. I can not only appreciate the beautiful scenery but also breathe the fresh air. It looks good, isn't it?

Before I go to the seaside, I think it's important totake something useful with me such as sunglasses, bathing suit, suntan oil and my homework and so on. Well, the last I want to carry is some medicine, which can keep me safe. After that I should plan where I stay, play and how to get there.

In conclusion, I dobelieve I can do itperfectly and enjoy myself.




亮点三:not only … but also … 表达度假不仅可以欣赏美景还可以呼吸新鲜空气。




I’m ready!

By 中考英语教研组刘小星

After one year’s hard work for the Entrance Examination, I believe that I’m fully prepared for the coming senior high school, atotally new period of life.

From the aspect of studying, I will get myself ready both physically andmentally.Firstly, I’m determined to read more classic English novels during the summer vacation, which will benefit me alot. Besides,I will enter for a fitness club to build up my body.

From the aspect of daily life, I will be more independent, such as helping my parents with the housework and so on.

Good wishes can only be achieved with the determination and courage. I will try every possible way to get ready for thenew leaf of our future life.




亮点三:both physically and mentally高分短语。


亮点五:such as加例子使文章细节丰富。


I’m ready!

By 中考英语教研组张茜

As the saying goes, Opportunities are only for the prepared mind. I’m ready to become a singer. Why?

Firstly ,There are a great number of people whoaround me like my voice, including parents and friends , even some strangers.Secondly,Singing has always been my hobby since i was young.Ilove to sing ,and it can make me relax as well as happy .

Finally ,I think music is the mostwonderful thingin the world .even though to be anexcellentsingeris not easy ,I believe my hard work will make my dream come true some day.

I’m ready!





亮点四:the most wonderful thing,用最高级表达喜爱。

亮点五:an excellent singer 比a good singer 更能打动阅卷老师。


在魔都上学扫 我就对啦~





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